GI Jane Cleaning Products– About Us

GI Jane Cleaning Products has been established by the efforts of a veteran of the United States Army and her daughter. GI Jane Cleaning Products is the result of long efforts to create viable solutions for homes and commercial areas to fulfill effective cleaning solutions. The innovative cleaning solutions help to provide a sanitized environment for good health. 


Our Vision 

GI Jane Cleaning Products was found with a vision to create eco-friendly cleaning practices for people. Our solutions are designed to promote hygiene for people in their daily routines, at home, workplace or on the go!  GI Jane Cleaning Products aims to make people aware of their health and provide all-round clean at home and beyond in an eco-friendly way. Our fundamental goal is to prioritize the health of our clients without exposing them to other long-term side effects. We value our clients the most and aim to build long term relationships of trust with them. 


Our Products

Our products offer you the most effective and yet affordable solutions for everyday purposes. We recognize the significance of a powerful and non-toxic hospital solution customized for your needs during these unpredictable times. Our scientists have thus come up with economical solutions as well as environment friendly at the same time. Their diligent efforts have produced such path-breaking results that preserve the environment while killing pathogens around you.


Our Products are:

  • Non-alcoholic

Our products are 100% non-alcoholic and thus do not have the harshness present in traditional cleaning products. 

  • Non-toxic

It is ensured that our products will not result in allergies, respiratory problems, and headaches. They are safe to be used around kids and pets because they are gentle, without the presence of harsh chemicals. 

  • Environment friendly 

All the products in our range are natural, chemical-free and environmentally friendly. They help to kill germs while not harming the environment in the long run.  

  • Certified 

Our products are approved by the FDA and are safe to be used at homes, commercial areas, and in hospitals too, for proper sanitization. 


At GI Jane Cleaning Products, we vow to make your home and surroundings perfectly clean with our range of products.  You can take GI Jane Cleaning Products with you wherever you may go, and always feel protected. Our handy sizes are ideal for Sporting Events, Schools, Restaurants, Workspace, Cars and more! 

 Anywhere! We aim at bringing you a customized solution, which is fully functional and offers no harm to you or your surroundings.

We also support bulk orders, email us at for more information.   Hospital grade solutions ideal for hospitals, schools, restaurants, factories, stadiums, food processing units and more!