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GI Jane Cleaning Products

GI Jane Cleaning Products and Hand Cleansers were initially engineered for Hospital and Industrial use. But now, our FDA approved products are available for everyday protection. Living in such testing times, when we are experiencing serious threats to our health we believe that protection is the best policy.

To enhance personal protection, we are introducing our popular "All Purpose Cleaning Kit" which includes a Multipurpose Cleanser, Air Cleanser & Deodorizer, and a Hand Cleanser that can slip into your purse, pocket or backpack. The compact design is handy to carry anywhere. Ideal for work environment, sporting events, shopping, gym, daycare, and more. GI Jane Cleaning Products keeps you protected on while on the go or at home! 

Eco-friendly products

Since protection is our ultimate goal, we take pride in developing cleansers that are eco-friendly, non-toxic, and contains no alcohol. Personal protection against germs should not pose a threat to the environment or other aspects of health. Our products are made of HOCL, which is neither harsh on surfaces, nor respiratory systems, unlike traditional cleaners. People suffering from allergies and asthma generally cannot tolerate regular cleaning products. But, GI Jane Cleaning Products are gentle enough to be used even in case of such health issues because of their non-toxic nature. Maintaining high quality and eliminating germs while catering to each consumer's needs are the primary goals. We assure you the best protective shield at home or wherever you go.


Cleaning Kits on the go!  


Our products

Hand Cleanser * Air Cleanser & Deodorizer * Multipurpose Cleaner * Heavy Duty Cleanser & Degreaser

Perfect for Home, Work or on the Go!

*FDA Approved * Nontoxic * No Alcohol * Hospital Grade and Nondiluted    

Customized just for you!

Cleaning Travel Kit and ecofriendly Cleanser Products

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Our Promise

Our products was engineered with you in mind. We use high quality solutions to facilitate a high quality product. GI Jane Cleaning Products takes pride in each products' strength, and we want you to be able to use it on the go!  We assure you clean protection everywhere you go when using GI Jane Cleaning Products.

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Are you looking Hospital Grade Cleaning Solutions at affordable prices? At GI JANE CLEANING PRODUCTS we offer an array of cleaning solutions that will enhance your cleaning and janitorial efficiencies.  

If you are looking to make a bulk order, email us at info@gijanecleaningproducts.com. We highly recommend use at  hospitals, schools, restaurants, factories, stadiums, and food processing units.

our mission

GI Jane Cleaning Products was designed with you in mind. Our powerful solution, convenient packaging, and great pricing makes GI Jane Products ideal for every day use and while on the go or at home.